Think you have a program you’d like to join at Porter and Chester Institute? Need a final push? Here’s a look at what Porter and Chester graduates have to say about life and times at the institute and how they’ve each gone on to enjoy fulfilling careers in a profession of their choice.

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Automotive Graduates

auto_james“I was always interested in the automotive field and chose to go to Porter and Chester Institute because I liked the facility, the staff seemed very friendly and I didn’t want to just work on mockups as I know all the other schools do. The hands-on training was great and the instructors were great at showing us how easy something, that seemed difficult and complicated, was to do. Before going to Porter and Chester Institute I knew nothing about repairing cars and the school helped me move forward with my life and start a new career in the automotive field.”

James R.

auto_jose“The teachers are great! I learned “hands on” about every part of the car. The computer education is the best. I’m ready for a fantastic career in automotive.”

Jose M.



auto_richardm“What I really liked about Porter and Chester is that we learn in a real operating repair shop, working with informative instructors. Learning with real cars with real problems gives you an honest taste of the automotive field.”

Richard M.


auto_ryan“The school and the instructors were great. Thanks to Porter and Chester I am now living my dream of working on high end BMWs.”

Ryan H.



auto_david“Porter and Chester was definitely the best school to go to. I really benefited from all the hands-on training and working with real cars, especially when it came to engines, transmissions, and front end work.”

David C.


auto_sean“I’ve always loved working on cars. Now, I’m making a living at it. Thanks, Porter and Chester, for making it happen.”

Sean B.



auto_isiash“Thanks to the instructors and especially Mr. Witalis for preparing me for the great job I was placed in at Land Rover of Darien”

Isiash C.


Electrician: Industrial, Commercial, Residential Graduates

Andrey Herrera“I’m a proud graduate from the PCI Stratford Electrical program in the October 2015 class. From day 1 until graduation I went through one of the most valuable and enjoyable times ever. My experience throughout the campus was awesome, beginning in admissions with Bill all the way to the classroom with Mr. Tetro and Mr. Demeter; and Felisa and Tifany in Career Services. We were and still are a BIG Family.”

Andrey H.


electrician_tony“Make today’s efforts pay off tomorrow. That’s what Porter and Chester did for me. They opened the door to a awesome career and a great future.”

Tony G.


Electronics Systems Technician Graduates

electronics_chris“Porter and Chester’s Low Voltage / Electronic Technician program appealed to me because it offered such a wide range of career opportunities. Having the specific skills to install, troubleshoot, and service security, alarm, and low voltage systems puts me in demand in today’s job market.”

Chris R.


CADD Graduates

cadd_patricia“Environmental engineering is a little known area of the CADD field, but a great area to earn a good living for those with the right skills. Porter and Chester Institute gave me all the basics I needed to get started in the field. The education I received in all the different disciplines of the Architectural and Civil CADD program enabled me to be truly successful in the environmental engineering CADD field.”

Patricia H.


“Just wanted to thank you guys. I am an alumnus from the Watertown facility. I have been employed since in the Mechanical design field. Have done many kinds of mechanical design. I am presently working at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I am involved with the Constellation project. Sending man back to the Moon! We work to develop the ground support apparatus needed to process and launch space vehicles. I have had a great career in Mechanical design. Thanks.”

Bill C.


cadd_nicolas“I really enjoyed my total educational package at Porter and Chester Institute. I started working in the architectural field before I graduated because of the school’s awesome externship program.”

Nicolas C.


cadd_todd“I would like to thank Porter and Chester for helping me find an amazing job and for the training that has prepared me for what ever comes my way.”

Todd C.



cadd_tony“My high school architectural drafting class got me started. Porter and Chester Institute built upon this and tremendously expanded my knowledge and talent in this great career field. Today, I am working in the field and I love my job. My possibilities are endless because of Porter and Chester.”

Tony P.


cadd_ryan“The instructors at Porter and Chester are excellent. They prepared me for a future in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Through Porter and Chester’s externship program, I was able to get a hands-on view of Drafting and my new career. Thanks Porter and Chester.”

Ryan D.


cadd_fredrick“Thanks to Porter and Chester and their graduate employment department I am now out there in the world. I’m educated, prepared and ready for my future and it’s very bright. Thanks Porter and Chester.”

Frederick V.


cadd_sandra“I had been drafting by hand in the architecture and interior design field for years. And now, thanks to Porter and Chester Institute, I’ve learned computer aided drafting (CADD) and have moved into the 21st century.”

Sandra A.


cadd_jeffrey“Porter and Chester Institute prepared me for a future in Computer Aided Design Drafting, which has helped me in my career. I’d like to thank the entire staff at the Porter and Chester Watertown Branch, who were all excellent, especially the instructors.”

Jeffrey S.


Computer and Network Technology Graduates

compnet_peter“Porter and Chester Institute helped me completely turn my life around. I no longer have just a job, now I have a career. Porter and Chester institute helped me in every aspect of my education. They not only helped with learning the technical material they also helped me find employment.”

Peter G.


compnet_david“Porter and Chester provided me with great hands on experience. The education they provided, along with the help of their job placement services got me to where I am today.”

David P.


compnet_suek“In the computer networking field, having knowledge of Microsoft NT, Linux, Cisco and Novell are invaluable to being successful. Porter and Chester has given me all this and more.”

Sue K.


compnet_edward“What I like about Porter and Chester is the hands on learning environment and personal teaching techniques. The instructors are great and the equipment is top notch.”

Edward G.


HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration) Graduates

hvac_john“Porter and Chester provided the training I needed to advance my career in heating and
air conditioning.”

John C.


hvac_thanh“Porter and Chester Institute helped me learn all I needed to know about the HVACR trade and they helped me get a job. Now I’m earning a good living working in a field that I like.”

Thanh L.


hvac_david“Many thanks to my instructors and Porter and Chester Institute.”

David M.



hvac_raymond“The Instructors were motivating, interesting, and so knowledgeable that the text books were used mostly as reference. The hands-on training really provided a real-world experience.”

Raymond T.


Dental Assistant Graduates

dental_melody“I chose Porter and Chester Institute for it’s hands-on atmosphere. I loved the professionalism of the instructors. A very rewarding payoff for the short period of time I invested.”

Melody A.


Medical Assistant Graduates

ma_blanca“Thanks to the staff at Porter and Chester, who believed in me and gave me that extra push, I was able to finish what I started. Most of all, thank you for all the help in getting me placed in the field. Thanks, Porter and Chester!”

Blanca F.

photo (2) cropped “The instructors were great! They really knew what they were doing and they worked hard to get the students up to speed. It was a great atmosphere. I looked forward to going to class every day.”

Barbara-Jean H.

ma_irma“There was a great mixture of different types of people, young and old, in my class and we all learned a lot from each other. The hands on training I received at Porter and Chester Institute was very helpful. I use all the same skills in my job everyday! Porter and Chester Institute helped me get all the skills I needed to get a great job in the Medical Assistant Field.”

Irma R.


ma_jenn“I’m very proud to be a graduate of Porter and Chester and am happy to be working here at Concentra.”

Jenn M.



ma_sue“The instructors at Porter and Chester are great. They have prepared me for a new career in life, and I’m ready for it.”

Sue G.



ma_traci“I’m glad I chose Porter and Chester Institute. The entire staff was encouraging and really helpful. They were always available to me and my classmates for extra help. Now I’m exactly where I wanted to be, working with children.”

Traci D.


Practical Nursing Graduates

nursing_melissa“I wanted a career where I could make a difference, and Porter and Chester’s Practical Nursing program was a great place for me to start. I’m learning IV therapy, medication administration and total patient care. Porter and Chester’s externship program gives me the on-the-job experience and confidence that employers are looking for.”

Melissa P.


“Starting this program right out of high school was very challenging, but to go from knowing nothing about nursing to graduating from this program in just fifteen (15) months is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. There were times when I did not think I would make it thought, but with the dedication and inspiration from my teachers and fellow students, I was able to. The clinical experiences were different and each one a new adventure from which I was able to learn skills and practices that I will be using in my career.”

Katy B.


“Thank you to Porter and Chester for helping me to start my new career as an LPN.”

Lisa M.


“I’m glad I chose Porter and Chester to assist me in reaching my goal as a Practical Nurse. Great school, helpful and caring instructors.”

Lynn M.


“It was a wonderful experience and well worth the time and dedication.”

Kelly K.


“It was a wonderful experience and the teachers were very knowledgeable and made learning fun.”

Jennie S.


“I will take the knowledge and skills I learned while in nursing school and use them in my practice and everyday life.”

Anna C.


“Thank you to Porter and Chester Institute and especially the Nursing instructors for helping me to ‘reach for my star’.”

Darla C.


“Beginning this program I was a little more advanced than others with my education experience having a two and four year degree. Nursing school I would say was one of the hardest but most successful education experiences I have faced in my lifetime so far. You have to be serious, dedicated, and committed to being the best nursing student you can me. My fellow teachers have guided me well into my nursing education and decisions on how a nurse today should be. Year 2010 has started a new beginning and a more promising life for my son and me.”

Nicole B.