Career Services Helps HVACR Grad Land a Good Job


Mark Toto had been a self-employed carpenter for more than 12 years, when the economy and his business started doing poorly. He knew he had to make a move but didn’t know what career path would be a good fit to his natural talents and abilities. He liked to work with his hands and wasn’t afraid of hard work. He knew his brother-in-law was making a good living as a service technician in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR), so Mark thought he’d check out the industry and schools that offered specialized HVACR programs. Porter and Chester Institute was an easy choice! Mark looked into three different HVACR schools in the area, but he was most impressed with the … [Read more...]

Hired: 5 Ways to turn an externship (or internship) into a job


One of the best ways to get experience in your new field is through an externship. But how do you turn that externship into a job? Follow these 5 tips and you could be on your way: Choose the right one: Instead of jumping at the first externship opportunity that comes your way, spend some time researching what you want to do and where you might like to work. For example, if you’re looking for a career as a medical assistant, ask yourself the kind of facility you’d like to work in someday and choose an externship in a similar setting. Do you want to work in a large hospital or a small clinic? Or maybe you’d be more comfortable working in a doctor’s office. Think about the specialties which … [Read more...]

What does an electronics systems technician do?


Do you like to work with your hands? Does the idea of sitting behind a desk or a cash register all day sound like dull work to you? If you like to stay active and enjoy figuring out how things work, a career as an electronics systems technician may be right for you. A career as an electronics systems technician could take you to residential, commercial and industrial settings in fields such as telecommunications, transportation and utilities. You might work on live sound systems or wire home entertainment systems. As an electronics systems technician, you could work on intrusion alarm or closed circuit television systems in homes and businesses. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor … [Read more...]

5 tips for finding the right trade school


Do you learn faster working hands-on? Are you easily bored by classroom lectures? Then you should explore the benefits of trade school! The right trade school could teach you the skills you’ll need to work as an automotive technician, electrician, electronics systems technician, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) technician, or more. Before you start on that path to a new career, though, here are 5 tips for finding the right trade school: 1)  Research the kinds of careers you might be interested in by talking to people already in the profession. You probably didn’t even know that HVACR technicians are working all around you! According to the U.S. Bureau of … [Read more...]

Work-based learning –Get real world experience while still in school


Choosing work-based learning and career training programs can help you prepare for your new career while you’re still in school. Career training schools that use this approach can teach you what you’ll need to know to do your job well and to become a good employee. Here are 5 ways work-based learning can help you succeed and get the practical experience you’re looking for when it’s time to get out into the real world: Work-based learning takes what you learn in the classroom and puts it to use, right away, in a practical setting. Textbook theories are brought to life when you try them out while the lesson is still fresh in your mind. Learning about computer hardware and software from a … [Read more...]

Canton Career Services Advisor Knows Ins and Outs of Local Job Market


Career Services Advisor Eurydice Barros has a knack for finding employers interested in meeting Porter and Chester Institute graduates. She also knows the students of the Porter and Chester Institute Canton campus so well that she can often turn students into job candidates. Eurydice makes it her mission to form a personal relationship with each student, so she can help partner them with a company that’s the right fit for their personality and skill set. “When they start off, it’s not easy for them,” said Eurydice. “They’re juggling a full-time job, or busy taking care of their children.” That’s why Eurydice goes out of her way to get to know the students and help them feel comfortable … [Read more...]

Follow these 5 easy steps and make your resume stand out

Successful Employment Concept With Resume Checklist

If you want to make your resume stand out from the crowd, make sure it has great content. Then, ask yourself: is my resume also visually appealing? It’s the winning combination of both that can result in a well-crafted resume that will get you noticed –in all the right ways. Here are 5 steps in building a resume that could help you land a job: Use keywords from the job posting and other language that is relative to your industry. You wouldn’t use the same vocabulary in a resume in an effort to secure a job as an automotive technician as you would if you wanted a job in healthcare. Use the language from the profession you’re entering. Be careful not to overuse buzzwords, though. Keyword … [Read more...]

Healthcare Careers: Getting your Foot in the Door


Healthcare remains one of the strongest job growth fields in the country. Even at the worst of the recession, while other industries lost traction, jobs in healthcare showed steady gains. And these positions weren’t just for doctors. In fact, there were more than 150,000 jobs for healthcare support workers in Connecticut and Massachusetts in 2013. But how do you get your foot in the door for a healthcare career? It’s not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. You will need a strong desire to help people and a great attitude. You’ll also want some great career training. Here are 4 steps you can take that can help you get started toward a healthcare career. Think about your own interests. … [Read more...]

5 Traits to ensure success in Dental Assisting

Dental Assistant

Dental assistants serve a vital function in the modern dental office. They often interact directly with patients, taking impressions, x-rays and digital images.   They also assist the dentist chairside in all procedures ranging from oral surgery, to crowns and bridges, to Orthodontia. Career opportunities in dental assisting are expected to grow at a much faster than average rate through 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you think a career as a dental assistant might be right for you, here are 5 traits that could help ensure your success in dental assisting: Well-organized: As a dental assistant you will need to be well organized , as you could have multiple … [Read more...]

CADD Graduate Lands Coveted Design Job at Bose


When Ray Jenkins was unexpectedly laid off from the company he had worked at for more than 25 years, he didn’t know what he would do. The job market had changed so much since the last time he’d gone looking for work and he wasn’t sure if he had the skills to compete. While Ray had spent decades working in customer service and sales, he sometimes worked alongside his former company’s designers. He liked what they did and thought he could be good at it. But he didn’t have any formal training. And he wasn’t sure he was ready to go back to school. Then, he discovered the Computer Aided Drafting & Design program at Porter and Chester Institute. Working with Admissions and Financial Aid, … [Read more...]