Why a Career in Healthcare is Right for You


Do you imagine yourself in a career that has meaning? A career in healthcare could be right for you! Here’s why: You’ll have the satisfaction of helping others in need. People who seek medical care might be in need of treatment, suffering from pain, or feeling desperate. As a healthcare professional you’ll be part of the medical team who helps a patient experiencing health issues or simply seeking preventive care. You could provide them comfort and care through your work in a medical office, hospital, or other healthcare setting. In an office setting, you would provide valuable assistance to other health professionals and patients. For example, you could instill confidence in patients … [Read more...]

5 Keys to Career Planning for Success


Have you started thinking about your career and where you want to be? If you ask most people, their answer is usually, “My plan is to wing it and see what happens.” Well, I wish them luck, but it’s definitely not the suggested approach. Wouldn’t you rather have a course of action? Isn’t it better to chart out your options, find mentors, and build out where you want to be? Failing to plan is planning to fail. Here are 5 ways to start your career planning and set yourself up for success. 1. Make a List of Companies/Employers you’d want to Work For: Maybe you’re not ready to search for a job right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from building a list of 10-12 perfect employers … [Read more...]

7 Quick & Easy Changes That Will Make Your Résumé Stand Out


Is there anything more frustrating than sending out dozens of résumés only to receive a minimal (if any) response from employers? The answer is no. Absolutely nothing is more frustrating than that. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) challenges that the job seekers face is sticking out and being noticed in their job search. If you could just get in front of your potential employer, you know you’d be able to win them over with your charm. You just know it. The problem, however, is that you’re not reaching that stage of the process, so where can you improve? The answer is most likely your résumé, and fortunately for you, there are a number of quick changes you can easily make … [Read more...]

Grad Advances His Career Thanks to Porter and Chester Institute

Dean Washburn

Dean Washburn started with Accent Limousine in Milford in 1998. He washed cars part time and helped out wherever he could. He assisted the mechanic who worked on the limos and when he left, Dean stepped in. But Dean knew he needed more training if he wanted to be an effective automotive technician and advance his career. That’s when he enrolled at Porter and Chester Institute. “I’d checked out other schools,” said Dean, “but they weren’t for me. One had a two-year program and I could afford the program but I couldn’t afford to live if I chose it. It was too expensive.” Dean says he’d learned some basic mechanics working at Accent, but didn’t know enough. “We had to send a lot out, … [Read more...]

4 Summer Car Care Tips


The hot summer months can be rough on your car. Regular maintenance each season will help keep it in tip top shape. If you followed the tips to winterize your car, now it’s time to get it ready for summer. Follow these 4 summer car care tips: Replace your Windshield Wipers Winter weather can do a number on your wiper blades, so be sure to replace them with new ones.  Summer often brings sudden thunderstorms and torrential downpours. You’ll need windshield wipers that can do the job. Check the Fluids Check your car’s motor oil, coolant, and windshield washer fluid regularly. Check your oil and get it changed regularly based on the manufacturer recommendations and type of oil … [Read more...]

Could I Really Be a Medical Assistant


Imagine a career where what you do is all about helping others, but you’re also exposed to some great long-term job prospects. Healthcare is a $21 billion dollar industry1 with a huge growth rate and Medical Assistants can expect to see much faster than average job growth through 2022.2 This Porter and Chester Institute infographic can help you decide if you have what it takes to become a medical … [Read more...]

Step 4 to a New Career: The Interview

Young businesswoman at the hiring interview in the office

A successful interview can complete your journey to a new career. Our Steps to a New Career series has shown you how your training, networking skills, and stellar résumé could land you the interview. Now that you have an interview, it’s your chance to make a positive impression that the employer won’t forget! Before Preparation before the interview is just as important and can even determine your success during the interview. Read through the company’s website and job description. Review their “about us” section to see if the company’s values reflect what you’re looking for. If the website has an employee page, take a look at the people who you know will attend your interview or who … [Read more...]

Step 3: Resumes and cover letters that work


Are you on the road to a new career? We’re here to help you with our Steps to a New Career series, including today’s post on creating your resume and cover letter. If you have career training, experience and the drive to find success, your resume and cover letter need to show it! Here’s how to use our career services strategies for resumes and cover letters that work: Resume Did you know that you only have 6 seconds to capture someone’s attention with your resume?1 So make sure it’s short, to the point and informative. Start with the basics of who you are, where you received your career training and how your future employer can get in touch with you. Be sure to provide your contact … [Read more...]

Step 2 to Your New Career:  Networking


Have you ever heard that it’s not just what you know, but also who you know that can help you find success in your career? According to a report from ABC News, 80 percent of jobs today are landed through networking.1 Networking is the art of using contacts in your personal and professional life to help you advance your career. Is this a skill you have? Reach out to people you already know. Your family is your very first network! Let them know what you’re doing now and what your plans are for the future. Whether you’re looking for a new career, or hoping to advance in the one you already have, you’ll want as many people as possible to know what your professional goals are. Tell family, … [Read more...]

Take the First Steps to a New Career


Are you thinking about a new career? With an improving economy and vibrant new job opportunities on the horizon, now might be the perfect time for you to make a move. Learn how to get started! At Porter and Chester Institute, we know that the thought of starting on the path to a new career can be pretty scary. That’s why we don’t only provide our grads with the skills they’ll need for a new career; we also give them lots of tips and training about the soft skills that today’s employers are looking for. In this article we’ll share our career services secrets with you! Follow our Steps to a New Career series to learn how you can begin to build a bright new future. Step 1: Train for … [Read more...]