The importance of a good work ethic in school and life

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Your good work ethic tells future employers what they might expect from you on the job. But did you know it can also set you up for success? A good work ethic can be the determining factor in just how well you’ll do in school –and in life. Here are five components to a good work ethic and just why they’re so important to you and your future: Attendance and punctuality: Whether in school or work, you learn and accomplish most when you show up, on time and prepared. You can’t learn if you’re not there! And when you come late, it’s unlikely that you’re really ready to do your best work. Good attendance and punctuality are two important pieces of a good work ethic –and they’re easily … [Read more...]

The Importance of Proper Vehicle Maintenance

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If you know anything at all about cars, you already understand how important it is that they receive regular maintenance. Little problems can quickly turn into big problems when they are ignored, and a vehicle’s life expectancy is greatly increased when it’s treated with a little care. Here are 5 ways to maintain your vehicle –and why it’s so important: Keep your car clean: Cleaning the exterior of your car not only makes it look good; it helps prevent rust and corrosion. If you remember that the outside of your vehicle is protecting everything inside it, it’s easy to see why cleaning isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity! Rust and corrosion wreak havoc on your car’s body, but also on … [Read more...]

Career Services Advisor Creates ‘Career Roadmaps’ for Students

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Paul Elumeze’s main goal as a Career Services Advisor at Porter and Chester Institute is to give students the resources they need to find employment in their new fields when they graduate. He works one-on-one with the students to create personalized roadmaps to get them from where they are to the career they’ve always dreamed of. He says it’s the most fulfilling work he’s ever done. Paul began working in business development for US Trust Wealth Management after graduating from Sacred Heart University. He then worked as an Account Executive in corporate sales for Verizon Wireless for four years, before coming to the Career Services Department at the Stratford campus of Porter and Chester … [Read more...]

HVACR Technician–What you might encounter on the job


If you like the idea of a job where you get to perform new tasks, visit new locations and face new challenges every day, becoming a heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) technician might be the right career move for you. What is a typical day like in the life of an HVACR tech? That’s hard to say because every day is a little different. In really cold or really hot weather, you can expect to see lots of opportunity for overtime as gas or oil furnaces and boilers and air conditioning units are taxed by constant use and often need repair. In less severe weather, you might work at a slower pace, as you perform installations and routine maintenance. While your to-do … [Read more...]

How to Get a Good Letter of Recommendation


The references you choose and the letters of recommendation they write on your behalf could be the deciding factor in landing a new job. Here are 5 ways to get a good letter of recommendation: Choose someone who knows you well and thinks highly of you. Choose someone who cares about you and your success and will speak glowingly of all your attributes. Tailor the letter to the job. Even if you’re not writing the letter, it’s okay to provide a handy tip sheet to the person who is. If the job calls for a candidate who shows initiative, then mention that to your reference. Choose someone who can write well. You don’t want your reference’s bad grammar or poor writing skills to make … [Read more...]