Preparing your car for winter months


Porter and Chester Institute’s Waterbury campus welcomed Fox61 for a "Winter Car Prep" segment on Good Morning Connecticut. Wendell Soucy, our Program Director and Chairman of Automotive Technology shared tips for how to prepare your car so you can stay safe during the dreaded winter driving conditions! Read Experts say that the time to winterize your car is now on for details!                                       … [Read more...]

On the Fence About College?

Porter and Chester Institute students

U.S. News & World Report highlights career paths for students who are on the fence about college. Many people are happier and more successful pursuing a path other than four-year college or university. Read Options for Students Who Shouldn't Go to College to learn more.                                   … [Read more...]

Keep Your Day Job

Practical Nursing program at PCI

Are you interested in a rewarding career where you get to help people? You could start training for a great Nursing career and keep your current day job! New evening Practical Nursing classes are now forming at Porter and Chester Institute! The Practical Nursing program provides graduates with the hands-on skills and the knowledge base necessary for a rewarding career in the healthcare field. Train to be prepared for direct nursing care of patients in a variety of settings including long-term care facilities, clinics, and doctor's offices, as well as in a variety of specialties such as psychiatric nursing, adult and geriatric nursing. Call PCI today at (800) 870-6789 and ask about our … [Read more...]

Porter and Chester Institute named Apple Distinguished School


Rocky Hill, CT (October 27, 2015) – Porter and Chester Institute, with nine campuses throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts, announced today that it has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2015–2017 for the school’s integration of digital course material and student resources in each of its career training programs. The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments. “Porter and Chester Institute teaches traditional vocational programs in a way that is constantly evolving,” said Jim Bologa, president and chief … [Read more...]

Dental Assisting at Porter and Chester Institute: The Best Decision Juanita Made


Juanita Stafford always knew she wanted to be a dental assistant and Porter and Chester Institute made that dream possible. Juanita loves to learn and loves the science behind good dental hygiene, but most of all, she could picture herself doing it! Before attending Porter and Chester, Juanita was tired of the same boring job she’d had for years. When she visited the campus in October 2014, she said everyone was so nice that she just had to sign right up! The campus in Canton, Massachusetts was the “perfect, convenient location.” She said that everyone in her class worked well together and felt like she “fit right in with the school.” The best part of all, she got the training she needed … [Read more...]

Skills That Are Career Game Changers


Are you wondering whether your technical skills alone are enough to achieve success? Nowadays, employers expect you to have a combination of both practical and soft skills. Soft skills can make the difference between big wins and major fails throughout your career. These 5 skills are career game changers: Communication Effective written and verbal communication are important in every aspect of your career. Whether you work in an office or travel to customers’ homes, strong communication skills make a big difference. Practice these skills early on while you’re still in school. Communicate any questions or concerns you have with your instructor. People Skills Good people skills will … [Read more...]

The Far Reaching Benefits of Externship Experience

Linda Plecity - St. Vincent's Medical Center

Achieving career success starts with an education. Quality career training requires a combination of classroom instruction and practical, hands-on learning opportunities. That’s where externships come in! At Porter and Chester Institute, we understand the importance that externship experience bring. Externship experience in the Medical Assisting and Dental Assisting programs has far reaching benefits for both the student and the employer. Linda Plecity, Clinical Nurse Specialist at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, oversees students who are training to become medical assistants. She says the staff loves having Porter and Chester students join the team and she … [Read more...]

10 Computer Shortcuts You Should Know


Whether you’re a student trying to complete an assignment or a worker out on the job, most people use a computer in some capacity during the day. Did you know that you can use computer keyboard shortcuts to help make your work easier and more efficient? Here are ten computer shortcuts that you should know: CTRL + C This is the “copy” shortcut. If you need to quickly copy text from one area to another, highlight the text and hit CTRL + C to make a copy that you can insert somewhere else. CTRL + X If you want to move text from one place to another completely, “cut” instead of making a copy, highlight the text and use CTRL + X. This shortcut removes the text from the … [Read more...]

An Employer’s Perspective: A Glimpse into Your Future


Porter and Chester Institute offers the unique opportunity to experience your new career path firsthand. Even before you graduate and enter the workforce, you can get a sneak peek into what your career might be like, with an externship. Through the medical assisting program, you’ll be placed on an externship to give you the real world experience you need to graduate and advance toward career success.  At Dr. Waterman’s Comprehensive Family Foot Center in Middletown, Connecticut, Jenn Mattison, a certified medical assistant, oversees the students who join the office through the externship program. Jenn trains and supervises students who are learning to become medical assistants. She says … [Read more...]