Let our Career Services Advisors
help you launch your new career!

If you want career training, support and guidance, here are just a few
reasons Porter and Chester Institute is the right school for you:

  • Employer focused curriculum: Your training is designed based on what area employers have told us is important to them. We understand what they want from their employees and that’s what we teach you. We train you in industry-relevant skills to help you succeed in your career.
  • Full time Career Service Advisors: Our full-time staff is dedicated to helping you find a career you’re most likely to flourish in. We’ll help you with your job search and also with your resume and cover letter. We’ll teach you how to prepare for interviews and even give you tips on the kinds of questions you might be asked –and how best to answer them.
  • Ongoing career assistance: Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you graduate or even when you land that first job. Our Career Services Department is your Career Services Department. We’re proud to help all our students and graduates and you can always come to us for ongoing career guidance today and throughout your entire career.

Contact a Career Services Advisor now to find out how we can help you look for the career opportunity that’s right for you.