Current Students

This financial aid checklist is designed to provide information and guidance on the financial aid process to currently enrolled students.

Here is a guide to help you remain current with your financial aid.  Enrolled students may be required to complete a new FAFSA because their program spans two academic years. A FAFSA must be completed for each academic year.

  • Retrieve your existing FSA ID.
  • File your 2018-19 Renewal FAFSA. Our FAFSA code is: PCI Hamden – 007305; All other PCI campuses – 010779

1. Renew Your FAFSA

You will need:

  1. FSA ID (student and parent of dependent student)
  2. 2016 and 2017 Federal tax returns, W-2 Form (student and parents of dependent student)
  3. Untaxed income records (student and parents of dependent student)
  4. Information on account balances, investments, and assets (student and parents of dependent student)

You will have to renew your FAFSA annually.

If your program enrollment crosses the July 1 federal award year start date, you must submit a FAFSA for the new award year. A Renewal FAFSA is pre-filled with much of the information from the previous year. Update pre-filled fields if the values have changed. Financial data fields will be blank and must be filled in with 2016 data.

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