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Everything You Need to Know Before Going to Cosmetology School

Everything You Need to Know Before Going to Cosmetology SchoolFollowing your passion in a growing field

Not many careers allow you to explore your creativity, talent, or passion quite like cosmetology does. Cosmetologists beautify the hair, skin, and nails of their clients through services like haircuts, facials, or manicures. A licensed cosmetologist can specialize and receive training for a variety of different career paths.

Do you have a passion for aesthetics and beauty? Do you enjoy helping people look and feel more beautiful? If so, cosmetology school could be your calling.

What do cosmetologists do?

If you’re looking for a simple answer about what jobs cosmetologists hold, you won’t find just one. As a cosmetologist, you’re able to choose from a variety of different fields. If you’re passionate about hair, you can choose to become a hair stylist. If you love applying makeup or doing nails, you can pursue that career path.

Licensed cosmetologists go to cosmetology school for training in all these fields and can choose to specialize in the services they are passionate about. This career flexibility is what makes cosmetology a unique and attractive career option.

Where do they work?

Working in the beauty industry opens a door to a number of potential workplaces. Many graduates choose to work behind a chair in a salon, while others work in the hospitality industry in a hotel or resort. The career can even land you in the theater industry, working on actors’ faces and hair, or as a mobile stylist for events like weddings or pageants.

How do you become one?

The steps to become a cosmetologist can change slightly, depending on the state you live in. However, the process is generally similar.

First, you’ll need to enroll in cosmetology school. Here you’ll receive the skills and experience you need to be able to transition into a job. At Porter and Chester Institute, you’ll be trained to style and sculpt different hair textures. You’ll learn basic and advanced women’s and men’s haircutting techniques and how to properly shampoo and condition hair. You’ll also learn the basics of skin care, with an emphasis on applying makeup and artificial lashes and nail care and enhancements.

After you complete your cosmetology program, you’ll need to sit for the state board. Here, you’ll be tested on the knowledge and skills you gained during your time in cosmetology school. Your final step is applying for a cosmetologist license, which allows you to work in beauty shops, nail salons, or other cosmetology industries.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry, take the first step today with Porter and Chester Institute. To learn more about how we can get you the training and experience you need in as little at 12 months, visit our website at or call (800) 870-6789.