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CADD –maybe it is rocket science

Aeronautical engineering is a few light years removed from the early exploits of Orville and Wilbur. The sophisticated designs of today’s aeronautical industry are a massive team-effort with tentacles reaching far beyond even NASA’s wildest dreams. After all, there are a whole slew of private entrepreneurs now shooting for the moon –and far beyond. And while Richard Branson may be the idea man behind his company Virgin Galactic’s vision of space tourism, someone has to actually design and build the darn things. A lot of someones as it turns out. One of the important links from idea to engineer to creation is that individual who works in Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD/CADD). … [Read more...]

Healthcare Booms While Others Bust

Even at the worst of the recession, the healthcare industry in New England remained remarkably resilient. Some segments of the industry actually saw increased jobs. And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field are expected to grow nationwide through 2020. Perhaps one of the reasons for such a rosy economic outlook is because of the many jobs available within the healthcare field. From direct patient interaction to office support, there are lots of job opportunities for well-prepared and motivated workers. Qualified students can be trained and on-the-job in under a year for many healthcare jobs. Porter and Chester Institute has programs for Medical Assisting and … [Read more...]

Porter and Chester Institute Launches iPads in the Classroom.

As Business Technology Evolves, PCI Innovates Curriculum and Tools to Better Prepare Students for Careers ROCKY HILL, Conn. (April 30, 2013) – Porter and Chester Institute, a nationally ACCSC accredited technical school providing career training since 1946, is supplying iPads for students to use in the classroom in the Medical and Dental Assisting programs at four campuses. The iPads are part of a digital program designed to enhance the educational experience and ensure that students possess the digital proficiency that is required in the workforce, as well as eliminating wasteful and outdated textbooks, offering tech support and troubleshooting apps, and allowing for new teaching and … [Read more...]

PCI Stands with Boston

The community of Porter and Chester Institute would like to show their support to the victims of the tragedy in Boston on April 15, 2013. A fundraiser will be held beginning April 22, 2013 with the proceeds going to One Fund Boston. Each campus will sell 'B's for Boston for $1 each. Porter and Chester Institute will match all donations collected at the campuses. Help us show support to those affected.                                   … [Read more...]

Porter and Chester launches new career training tool

Find the right career for you.

Career EDGE underscores increased commitment to fostering professionalism, career success Porter and Chester Institute is launching Career EDGE, an online career training tool that provides students with guidance in securing a job after completing their selected training programs. Available to current students starting today, Career EDGE offers interactive resume building, interviewing tips, career search programs, and a video library of advice and information. “Career EDGE is just one example of how Porter and Chester Institute is increasing its investment in the futures of our students,” said Jim Bologa, CEO of Porter and Chester. “We’re continuously enhancing our professionalism … [Read more...]

Getting to know your PCI Neighbors – Brian Boyce

Name:  Brian Boyce Nickname: NotLateForFood Hometown:  Eastford CT Department:  Information Technology What is your roll at PCI? IT Director How long have you been with PCI? 11 years What are some proud moments you have had? Personally: More than 20 years of marriage with the same spouse, and eight wonderful children. Professionally: Managing IT for over 400 faculty and staff and roughly 3000 students with just 2 people in my department.  Jim Ferris is the secret weapon and he is the primary ingredient for any current success we experience. I’m proud of having an influence on my students who have become successful professionals. I helped build the Westborough … [Read more...]

Getting to know your PCI Neighbors – Gerald Sears

Name: Gerald Sears Nickname: Jerry Hometown: Hampton, NH Department: Automotive What is your roll at PCI? Instructor of Automotive Technology How long have you been with PCI? 14 months What are some of the proud moments you have had? Observing students think outside the box for problem solving. The success in industry of former students. What is your favorite part about PCI? The hands-on learning students receive and classroom discussions. What do you do in your spare time?  Enjoy watching my son play baseball and television sporting events. What is something people may not know about you?  I am a cat lover If you could meet one person (alive or dead), who and … [Read more...]

Westborough’s Porter and Chester Walks for Cancer Awareness

Congrats to Team PCI of Westborough for partaking in the UMass Medicine Cancer Walk  on Sunday September 23rd and for helping to raise close to $1,500 for the cause. Thanks to all who raised funds, donated and or walked. Learn more about the walk and Team PCI. Our Westborough campus has been relocated to … [Read more...]