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Take your career to new heights in low voltage

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Low voltage systems are everywhere. We see them in our homes from cable/satellite TV and home theater systems to fire alarms and home security systems. We see them in various industries from intercom and card reader systems to solar and wind technology.

All of these complex pieces of equipment need to be installed and maintained by qualified technicians. If a career that gets you out in the field, using your hands and solving problems, sounds good to you, Porter and Chester Institute’s Career Electronics Systems Technician program can take your career to new heights!

PCI’s Career Electronics Systems Technician program teaches students how to install, maintain and repair low voltage systems. Students are trained in electronic circuitry and their components, fiber optics, lasers, electronic diagnostics, and fire alarm and national electrical codes. They are trained to install voice, data, and fiber networks and low voltage systems. Students learn the skills they’ll need to work across an array of industries as electrical and electronics installers and repairers.

In addition, our Career Electronics Systems Technician students are on the path to licensure. Most states require electricians to pass a test and be licensed. Our program prepares students for the Connecticut C-6, L-6 and T-2 licensing exams.

In short—our Career Electronics Systems Technician program can fully prepare you to become a skilled worker in today’s low voltage and electronics industries. Schedule a campus visit today to learn more about this unique field and how you can take your career to new heights!